Hello world!

Welcome to the new CS@RMC webpage. We are looking forward to the start of the school year. This website is being hosted by the newly upgraded department infrastructure. Armed with several new servers students will be able to enjoy better redundancy and performance on our network. Some of these changes are still being worked out (sorry user websites) and we haven’t found all of the gremlins yet but things are already looking better!

This summer several CS students had some great experiences that we want to share.

Several Students from RMC got to meet astronaut Buzz Aldrin

The AGAR team (Algal Growth And Remediation) had a great time going to see their project launch into space. Unfortunately, during accent the rocket carrying the experiment experienced catastrophic failure (i.e. explosion). Despite the set back, hopes are still high for another opportunity to launch soon. Several team members were on site for the launch including principal investigator Andy Wildenberg.

More stories like this to come as students return from their busy summers and can tell us more.