High School Dual Credit Program

The High School Dual Credit program hosted by Rocky Mountain College’s Computer Science Department is a great way to earn college credit while still in high school. If you are currently a junior or senior enrolled in a Billings area high school, and interested in Computer Science please consider applying for this opportunity. RMC offers reduced tuition to high schooler students who enroll part time for any class. A limited number of need based scholarships are available to cover this cost. For more information about these scholarships click here. Read on below to find out what previous students had to say about their experiences!

To apply for this program please see this page.

For more information contact Melissa Holmes.


What do past students have to say about the Early College Entry Program?

“During my senior year I was given the chance to participate in the HS program for Computer Science. It provided insight as to what the class was covering and ultimately decided whether or not I wanted to attend Rocky. Overall, I enjoyed the class and the professors who taught it. I would suggest to anyone who enjoys computers or programming to do the same and give it a try.” -Chris Gilg

“My High School experience with the Early College Entry program was pretty great. I got to know some really intelligent individuals, as well as to get to know the professors. Most of these people were older than me, and it was interesting to see at which rate everyone learned things. What really threw me for a loop was how much I learned. It goes beyond simply knowledge too, but problem solving (Which is a critical aspect of life and can be applied to all fields.) Recursion is one of several things we learned. Use the solution to little problems to find the solution to a big problem. Considering that it’s all Computer Science though, obviously I learned/picked up a lot of things about how computers work and operate. It changes your life, and the way you look at things, and as thus I would encourage students to participate in this program.” -Danny Salveson (2008-2009)

“I got started in computer science when the home school co-op offered a class that was at Rocky, taught by Kim Smith. I thought it sounded fun so I figured I’d take the class. At the end of the year I acquired one of the scholarships they give to high school students, and I was put into CSC143 the next semester. While taking 143, I loved how Kim would make things interesting while still explaining things well. After taking that class I feel like I have a solid understanding for the basics of programming. My favorite thing so far is that it barely feels like I’m doing school, but when I look back on it, I really have learned a lot even in a short time.” -Karsten Risla (2010-2011)