High School Competitions

Each year CS@RMC hosts two programming competitions in the state of MT. The western programming competition is held each year at Helena High School. The eastern programming competition is held on RMC’s campus each year some time after the western competition.

Our competition happens in two parts. During the 11193308_10152960215886051_4033153136764510092_nmorning session teams are given a problem set which they may solve with any language of their choosing. Solutions are turned in via flash drive and judged for correctness. The team that solves the most problems wins the morning session.

The top 3 teams from the morning session are invited to compete in the afternoon session where teams are given one much harder problem to solve and the first team to submit a correct solution wins.

If you have questions about these competitions please email andy.wildenberg@rocky.edu

RMC’s Montana High School Programming Contest Rules

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